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Headshot photo of Susan Boehnke

Why I'm a Health Scientist: Susan Boehnke

Why I’m a Health Scientist is an ongoing series from Queen's Health Sciences exploring our researchers' personalities, motivations, and inspirations.

Dr. Susan Boehnke’s work is the stuff of science fiction no longer: the study, recording, and even modification of brain and behaviour through cutting-edge technology.

As director of the NeuroTech Micro-Credential Program and Associate Professor in the DBMS and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University, Dr. Boehnke’s work is helping shape the future of neurotechnology, an emerging growth industry that applies brain sensing, imaging or modulating technologies to solve real world problems.

In Why I’m a Health Scientist, she discusses the game-changing potential – and pitfalls – of neurotechnology, her newly-launched Neurotech Micro-credential Program, and the power of discovery research.

Read the full interview here.