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ANAT 316 - The Human Visceral System

 Winter 2024
 Year 3
 5-6 hours/week
 3 units
On-Campus Course

ANAT 316 The Human VIsceral System is a 3-credit course offered in the winter term annually designed to introduce students in the Life Science Specializations to the gross anatomy of the human head and neck, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.

Through lectures and the study of prepared laboratory specimens, it is anticipated that learners will be able to attain and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck and the human viscera.

(BIOL 102/3.0 and BIOL 103/3.0) or (BIOL 201/3.0 and BIOL 202/3.0) or PHED 153/3.0 or KNPE 153/3.0 or permission of the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences.

No more than 3.0 units from ANAT 215/3.0; ANAT 216/3.0.

ANAT 316 is an in-depth examination of the visceral system. By the close of the course students should have a working knowledge of the following anatomical regions and their inter-relationships with each other:

  • The Head and Neck (including the Central Nervous System)
  • The Thorax
  • The Abdomen
  • The Pelvis

The students should understand the interaction of the organs of these regions with the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, in particular the visceral nervous system.

Achieving the goals of this course depends on the learner’s efforts to comprehend the anatomical facts delivered to them through lectures and laboratory exercises which serve to assist understanding and facilitate Student Directed Learning (SDL). The course material and methods of delivery are designed to simplify complex anatomical concepts and to entice students into participating in active team-based and group-based anatomy learning experiences. Overall, it’s the learner’s responsibility to develop their own learning strategies.

Knowledge of the basic anatomical structures will only justify a rating of B+. Higher marks will depend on the student's understanding of the functional anatomy of the head and neck, the nervous system, and the rest of the visceral anatomy and associated vasculature.

Test 1: 15%

Test 2: 15%

Test 3: 20%

Final Exam: 30%

Final Lab Exam: 20%

Lecture: 3 hours/week

Lab: 2 hours/week


Grading Method:

Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 90-100
A 85-89.9
A- 80-84.9
B+ 77-79.9
B 73-76.9
B- 70-72.9
C+ 67-69.9
C 63-66.9
C- 60-62.9
D+ 57-59.9
D 53-56.9
D- 50-52.9
F 0-49.9