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Christopher R. Mueller PhD
 Christopher R. Mueller
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Transcription factors in cancer Stress and Breast Cancer BRCA1 and Stem Cells Liquid Biopsy Circulating Tumour DNA

Selected Publications

Heather Ritter and Christopher R Mueller. Expression microarray identifies the unliganded glucocorticoid receptor as a regulator of gene expression in mammary epithelial cells. BMC Cancer. 2014 Aug 5; (14)275: 8807-8814

Kirsten Nesset, Ami Perri and Christopher R Mueller. The Glucocorticoid Receptor Gene Expression is Reduced and its Promoter is Hypermethylated in a Significant Percentage of Breast Tumours. Epigenetics. 2014 Jun 1;9(6): 851-859.

Lixin Zhou, Marcia Graves, Gwen Macdonald, Jane Cipollone, Christopher R Mueller and Calvin  Roskelley. Microenvironmental regulation of BRCA1 gene expression by c-Jun and Fra2 in pre-malignant human ovarian surface epithelial cells.  Molecular Cancer Research. 2013 Mar;11(3):272-81

 Heather Ritter, Lilia Antonova and Christopher Mueller. The unliganded glucocorticoid receptor positively regulates the tumour suppressor BRCA1 through GABP beta . Molecular Cancer Research 2012 Apr;10(4):558-69.

Crista Thompson, Gwen MacDonald and Christopher R Mueller.  Decreased expression of BRCA1 in SK-BR-3 cells is the result of  aberrant activation of the GABP Beta promoter by an NRF-1 containing complex.  Molecular Cancer. 2011 May 24;10:62.

Lilia Antonova,  Kristan Aronson and Christopher Mueller. Stress and Breast Cancer:  From Epidemiology to Molecular Biology.  Breast Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 21;13(2):208

Lilia Antonova and Christopher R Mueller. Hydrocortisone down-regulates the tumor suppressor gene BRCA1 in mammary cells: a possible molecular link between stress and breast cancer. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2008;47:341-352.

Gwen MacDonald, Melissa Stramwasser and Christopher R Mueller. Characterization of a negative transcriptional element in the BRCA1 promoter. Breast Cancer Res. 2007;9:R49