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Edmond Chan PhD
 Edmond Chan
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
Room 627 Botterell Hall
613 533 6946

Research Interests

The metabolic status of a cell guides critical downstream decisions such as growth, death or differentiation.  We aim to understand the fundamental signalling mechanisms that allow mammalian cells to respond when challenged with metabolic stress.  We are particularly focused on the autophagy pathway, which is the main route for channelling cellular material to the lysosome for degradation and internal recycling.   Autophagy also serves a critical role for maintaining metabolic homeostasis by degrading mitochondria (a process known as mitophagy) when they become damaged through normal cellular aging.  We are now committed to investigate the roles and regulation of this autophagy – mitophagy interaction.

Please see:  Chan lab webpage for our story and research opportunities.


We are currently by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Canada Cancer Research Society. 


Edmond Chan: Google Scholar

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