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Susan Boehnke PhD Neuroscience/Psychology (Dalhousie University) 2003
 Susan Boehnke
Associate Professor
Senior Scientist and Lead-Executive Education, Centre for Neuroscience Studies
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BA (Hons) Psychology & Biology (University of Guelph) 1995

MSc Experimental Psychology (Dalhousie University) 1998

PhD Neuroscience/Psychology (Dalhousie University) 2003

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Neurophysiology (Queen’s University) 2006

Teaching Experience

Dr. Boehnke has extensive teaching experience at Queen’s University. In addition to her BHSc online course - Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (NSCI483), she currently teaches the Neuromarketing and Neurolaw sessions of Controversies in Neuroscience (NSCI444) and the Autism session of Disorders of the Nervous System (NSCI429).  She has also taught Sensory Physiology (PHGY214, 215) and Cognitive Neuroscience (LISC391). She has been the Course Director and Lecturer for the Brain and Behaviour I course in the Department of Psychology at Queen’s, and was also the Course Director and Lecturer for the Statistics course offered through the Behavioural Psychology program at St. Lawrence College.  Dr. Boehnke also has extensive research experience in the fields of sensory, motor and cognitive neuroscience, and is currently focusing on Alzheimer’s Disease 

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