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Information for Students

4 Year Honours Degree:

BCHM-P BSc(Hons) Biochemistry - Specialization BCHM-P-BSH 

  • you cannot add a Minor

BCHM-M-BSH BSc(Hons) Biochemistry - Major BCHM-M-BSH

  • there is room in the Major Plan to add a Minor.

BCHM-Z - Minor (Science) BCHM-G-BSC/BCHM-Z

  • add a Minor in BCHM to any Major except BIOL, CHEM, LISC.


3 Year Degree:

BCHM-G-BSC BSc Biochemistry - General (Science) BCHM-G-BSC/BCHM-Z

  • just want to complete a 3 year degree then the General is for you. 
  • going off to professional school after 3rd year then you can received the General.


Applying to Biochemistry (BCHM)

To be put on the Automatic Acceptance List you are required to have:

  • Specialization (SSP) - minimum GPA of 2.9 and a pass CHEM 112.

  • Major (MAJ) - minimum GPA of 2.9 and a pass in CHEM 112.
  • General (GEN) - minimum GPA of 2.9 and a pass in CHEM 112.
  • Minor (MIN) - minimum GPA of 2.6 and a pass in CHEM 112.

To be put on the Pending List you are required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA and completed CHEM 112 for all Plans.  Once we know how many of the 90 seats for BCHM are filled with automatic acceptance we will take students off the pending list. Biochemistry will not take any students under 2.5 GPA.  If you do not get in you will have the opportunity to request a Change of Plan at the end of 2nd year.

Note:  Students who complete less than 27.0 units in their first year may not be considered eligible for admission to a Plan in BCHM.


  • If your career plans include research (eg. graduate school), then the SSP Plan is the plan for you as there is a heavy emphasis on laboratory work (BCHM 421 and BCHM 422).
  • If your career plans are more inclined towards an emphasis on using your biomedical training to pursue a non-research career involving other professional training (medical, dental, business, law or other postgraduate school), then the best program for you is the MAJ. The course requirements for the MAJ are less intense and are designed for the needs of the non-research biochemist; less core credits and more electives allows for the pursuit of additional electives which can thus be tailored to specific career needs.
  • It is important to note that there are limits as to how many SSP students we can take in 4th year.  If you choose SSP and then change your mind we can move you to MAJ.  However, if you choose MAJ and wish to move to SSP it will depend on available space due to our limits.